Main objectives

CélkitűzésekOur company, together with its Saudi Arabian partner companies is trying to widen the existing product structure, to adjust continuously its products to the actual needs of the market and to cooperate in searching for new fields of activity and markets. By using Saudi Arabian financing potential, we have been importing South African iron ore to Hungary for nearly 10 years and making use of the same financial facilities we have been importing Russian steel products for Hungarian companies. Based on his some decades of experience and very well-based connnections, our representative has gained a very precise and reliable overlook on the whole region, therefore during the past couple of  years we could build up significant business relations with companies in Yemen, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates. Our aim is to extend our activity on the Near-Eastern markets and also on other smaller markets besides our main-stream Saudi market. For the year 2003 we are projecting an export volume of approximately 60-70 000 mt of processed steel products to Saudi Arabia. Our firm market presence and position in Saudi Arabia is due to the good quality of the exported Hungarian products, our reliability and quick response to customer needs and the fact that the Saudi customers have more confidence in a Saudi-Hungarian joint venture than an unknown East-European company.