Oceetee Hungary Ltd.

Irodánk címeOceetee Hungary Ltd., as the first ever Saudi-Hungarian joint venture, started its trading activity in 1994 when it was founded. The co-founder Oceetee Riyadh s partnership with numerous Hungarian exporters dates back for more than 15 years and since 1987 it has been purchasing and forwarding Hungarian products to the Saudi Arabian market at a yearly value of more USD 10 m. Based on the confidence gained from the many years of good experience in cooperating with Hungarian business partners, our Saudi founder member has come to a conclusion and decision to be the first to establish a joint company in Hungary with Saudi capital having as main task to tap possibilities of the Hungarian market and to coordinate and search market opportunities in the adjacent Central-European countries. In 1994 the company was originally founded as a limited liability company and later in 1998. it has been transformed into a shareholding company with HUF 50 m registered capital. Presently Oceetee Hungary Ltd. has 10 full-time employees and two on mandate.